Want a more valuable business?

Start by valuing your story.

You can stop worrying about social media gimmicks, networking tactics, follower counts, and the perfect sales funnel. This is permission to focus on something more powerful - your value. It’s time that you had meaningful ways to fully love what you do and have others love your work, too.

This is the kind of inspiration Annie Franceschi can share with your audience of career professionals or entrepreneurs. As a small business branding expert, best-selling author, and former Disney storyteller, Annie provides fun, empowering keynote presentations and workshops perfect for your next association meeting, conference, or breakout session.

With joy and a new perspective, Annie will help you take the most important steps to becoming an established professional or entrepreneur:

  • unlock the value of your story and experience

  • attract more opportunity or clients with clear personal or professional branding that shares your value

  • build a thriving, profitable career or business worthy of your value

What does your audience need to take action and love what they do? What value could Annie bring to your next event as a keynote speaker or workshop leader?


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Annie will teach your audience of small business owners how to:

  • Focus Their Story

  • Build Confidence

  • Communicate Value

  • Attract Ideal Clients or Career Opportunities

  • Improve Sales

  • Increase Profits

  • Love Their Careers or Businesses

  • Avoid Burnout


Videos | Watch Annie

An inside look at Annie’s approach to speaking.

In this custom 20-minute program for small business owners, Annie breaks down what a “brand” is and what are some key best practices entrepreneurs can use to tell their story better to ideal clients and customers.

Presented in 2016 at "Small Business Gut Check" in Carrboro, North Carolina.

This is branding best practice video, Annie shares the top 5 mistakes small business owners make when trying to share their story through branding.

Did you know that “Do What You Love” isn’t just about you? Discover what goes into finding a rewarding purpose in your business or career in this short video from Annie.

How does Annie approach branding for small business owners? In this video, take a quick look behind the scenes of her branding practice, Greatest Story Creative®.

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Small Business Gut Check video by Bryan Reklis. All other featured video by Big Dog Little Bed Productions.

Keynotes & Workshops

To ensure your event is a success, Annie will gladly partner with you to customize presentation(s) to perfectly tailor them for the goals of your event and learning objectives of your audience. Additionally, all keynotes and workshops are available with signed paperback copies (and/or ebooks!) of Annie’s best-selling book, Permission to Try, for all of your attendees!

To check availability or discuss customizing a talk, reach Annie for a quick complimentary consultation.


Unlock the Value of Your Story: 3 Personal Branding Secrets to a Profitable, Passionate Career

Formats available: 45-minute and 90-minute | Best audiences: Employees, Emerging Leaders, Managers, Young Professionals, Corporate Organizations, Non-profit Organizations, Professional Development.


How do you establish yourself as a go-to leader? 

How do you effectively share the value you have with stakeholders, clients, and others you work (and network) with? 

And how do you build a career that lets you thrive, not just survive? 

Join former Disney storyteller, best-selling author, and branding expert, Annie Franceschi, for this motivational and actionable keynote presentation that'll have you inspired: finding clarity on your story, sharing your value with others, and thriving in the work you love to do.


Establish Yourself: 3 Branding Secrets to a More Profitable & Passionate Business

Formats available: 45-minute and 90-minute | Best audiences: Coaches, Consultants, Women Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Associations.

Learning goals:

  • Gain focus and clarity - Discover how to embrace your story in ways that will increase the value of your business

  • Attract ideal clients - Learn three ways to attract dream clients through branding by sharing the value of your story

  • Love your business more - Create a more valuable, thriving business by taking a simple, powerful, and actionable step to more profitability

Tools Annie will share:

  • An easy, effective exercise to help you unlock the value of your story and experience

  • Three clear, actionable ways to leverage your story in branding and marketing

  • A powerful, free technique to make your practice more profitable and fun to run



Find Your Focus: 5 Brand Story Secrets to Make Marketing Easier

Formats available: 45-minute, 90-minute, and Half-Day | Good for Lunch and Learns
Best audiences: Coaches, Consultants, Women Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Associations

Social media, numbers of followers, LinkedIn strategies - it’s a tactic tornado out there! What should you talk about when it comes to your business? What if you could simplify your marketing enough to know which stories to focus most on?

In this exciting, interactive workshop, your audience will:

  • Find out how to know what makes your small business unique in your market (aka "your brand story")

  • Discover the 4 most important stories to focus on in your marketing

  • Get an exclusive, take-home exercise to help you define the 5 key things you need to know about your business to attract ideal clients




Streamline Your Story: Find the Right Words to Tell & Sell Your Value

Formats available: 45-minute, 90-minute, and Half-Day | Good for Lunch and Learns
Best audiences: Coaches, Consultants, Women Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Associations

Do you struggle to find "the right words" to talk about what you do? Worried you're being more confusing than clear on your website? Join former Disney storyteller and brand expert, Annie Franceschi, to discover powerful keys to telling your story in your business.

In this engaging workshop, learn and begin to tackle best practices for finding your brand voice, writing your about page, and showing your value to ideal clients. Together, we’ll show you how to clearly tell and sell your story.

At "Streamline Your Story", your audience will:

  • Discover what goes into creating a compelling marketing message (aka your brand voice)

  • Learn where your stories fit in competing for the attention of your ideal clients

  • Identify where to find the 5 key stories you should be focusing on to create the most powerful marketing for your business


Curious about booking a keynote or workshop? Let’s connect.