DIY White Seamless Photography for only $7

anniemade // DIY White Seamless Photography for only $7 - Quick How-To Guide

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite trade secrets with everyone - how I shoot white seamless photography for my DIY projects and design clients. Vinyl white seamless backdrops and rigs can be expensive and huge to store in your home. In our tiny LA duplex, we've found a workaround that you can enjoy too, whether you're shooting some food, your new products, or even your children.

The photo above is a part of my latest work in branding and business development. As anniemade has grown, I've been expanding to offer creative business branding, naming, and overall marketing consultation and design to clients. One of my favorite clients, for reasons that you might guess instantly, is Gus's mom Laura.

Laura is an amazing maker herself- a baker in fact. She's just begun a great journey as the entrepreneur behind Laura's Family Gluten-Free, a homemade, all gluten-free, and all delicious line of baked goods made for everyone you love. As the mother of seven children, Laura has mastered the art of creating crowd-pleasing gluten-free over two decades. Running a household where she and most of her kids can't eat wheat, Laura painstakingly replaced her family’s favorite recipes into gluten-free baked greatness that's so good everyone can enjoy something special together. Take a look at her Facebook to see what we're starting to do together.

It's been an honor for me to work with Laura to help name her business, handcraft her branding, and build her story into a yummy and amazing new enterprise. I'll share more in the future, but today I'd like to show you how I did a Product/Food Photography Shoot for her business for only $7.

The photo you see above is one of about 600 we shot this weekend of these super epically yum chocolate chip cookies. (It's a tough job spending your whole Saturday with a slew of gluten-free home-baked goodies. Seriously.) Now imagine our sleek photography studio, me surrounded by assistants, expensive lighting, techno music playing. Got the mental image? Ok, good.

Now, here's how I got that shot:

anniemade // DIY White Seamless Photography for only $7 - Quick How-To Guide

Glamorous right? What.. you don't stand on your dining table in the middle of the afternoon? Alright, guess I'm weird.

If you're still with me - here's how I shoot white seamless on the cheap and how you can too!

Here's what you need:

  • A Roll of White Banner Paper (approximately $6-7 at Office Max or Staples)
  • Painter's Tape
  • Camera (ours is a Nikon D3100 // but see below for an image I shot with my iPhone on this background)
  • Scissors
  • Table/Flat surface that can be positioned next to a natural light source
  • Two chairs or a flat wall to push the table against


  1. Set your chairs up on the table as pictured- you'll use them for height. You can also just use an adjacent wall if it's clear and you can push your table up to it. Make sure you are positioned next to a natural light source like a great window.
  2. Roll out your white banner paper to that it can slightly roll over the tops of the chairs then down to the edge of the table. It should make about a 90 angle and be careful that you have enough slack so it rolls in the bend as it reaches the table but doesn't fold or make a crease.
  3. Secure with painter's tape on both ends (backs of the tops of the chairs and at the bottom of the table.

And that's it. Seriously. Have fun! Let me know if you do and share your photos.

Here's a quick shot I got with my iPhone this weekend too so don't think you need a fancy pro-sumer camera either:

anniemade // DIY White Seamless Photography for only $7 - Quick How-To Guide

Happy Photo-taking People!