Heads Carolina, Tails California

anniemade // Wedding and Event Design

Many of you have heard that Gus and I are about to embark on our next big adventure. We are moving to North Carolina - the home of grits, mosquitos, pottery barn living, and southern charm in spades. This is a huge change for us after living in LA for 7 and 5 years respectively so I thought I'd take a minute and talk about what brought this about and where we're headed.

We made this decision over an entire year of a lot of self-reflection and dreaming about what we want for our marriage, especially having a family. And for me, I think God really put North Carolina on my heart since I've been in LA, and moreso since Gus and I got married last June.

I feel that distance can provide so much perspective. It look leaving everything I grew up with in NC and moving to California to really appreciate and embrace North Carolina as my home. It's always been home, but I don't think I appreciated it well enough to make a meaningful life there. That has and will take perspective.

The years I've spent in LA and the career I've built in the film industry has been a whirlwind of peaks and valleys. I can say without question that I was meant to come here and to take on the challenges I faced, though there were certainly many hard nights and late evenings spent stuck in the car, wondering where life was taking me.

Though Gus and I always saw ourselves eventually being somewhere like NC at some point, it was always a longer term plan. A big part of the equation was what careers would we have outside of the film industry that would make us happy. And that's where this blog and all that has happened with it and around it has been one of the most tremendous blessings. It has shown me a path to possibility.

You may remember that I said this year was the year of PURPOSE for me, and it is. In trying to ensure we live our lives more intentionally, Gus and I have achieved goals that even six months ago I would have thought completely impossible. We are doing something that takes courage - trying to live our lives and our next step with great purpose. Thus far, weeks away now, we have been honored and blown away by the support we've been given by both our CA friends & family and those in NC.

anniemade // Wedding and Event Design

And though I am thrilled and a bit scared and nervous about the change, I am also feeling nostalgic and bittersweet to leave California - especially my family at work. This was the first role that I really invested in, people I cried with, people I saw get married, have babies (or both!). Just thinking about it the other week made me burst into tears.

Unfortunately, until the Hyperspace Loop that Elon Musk is making is operational, I can't have a sim city of all the amazing people in my life in one place. Saying yes to NC and a new chapter there has to mean saying goodbye or at least a Mickey-inspired "See ya real soon!" to those here. I take strength knowing that this decision is a big picture one, but I know when the final days are here - my heart will be heavy.

I suppose that's a good sign, because I can smile that it happened at all. I could have stayed in NC after Duke. I could have said no to adventure then and never really learned to love home. I think sometimes you have to leave home to find it again, and thank goodness - with all the craziness inbetween - along the way you collect friendships that will last a lifetime.