In Gratitude to the Good-Hearted People

anniemade // In Gratitude to the Good-Hearted People that make life so amazing by showing up and saying yes!

Today's post is written from a place of great gratitude and celebration of what I like to call "the good-hearted people." There's no better time than Thanksgiving to talk about these people. I'm speaking of the people who give generously of their time, their spirit, their advice, and their love. These aren't perfect people but they are people that say yes, that show up, and that give of their heart even when they don't even know you.

I've been very blessed to meet so many of these people, especially in my recent career in the film industry. As we go into Thanksgiving, I've been thinking a lot about the good-hearted people.

I recently had lunch with my high school History teacher. It was awesome. As amazing as she has been as a mentor to me these almost 10 years after I graduated, I still felt strange and awkward about getting together with her, let alone a social lunch. But I did what I call "the little engine that could" thing. For many years, I've forced myself out of my comfort zone using this little trick. I remind myself that no matter how awkward I feel about getting together with someone (whether an old acquaintance, a cold email to an executive I admire, or even a friend I haven't seen in a long time), I remind myself that I only need that 20 seconds of courage to send an email. That I, like that train engine, think I can. And so I do, and to this day, no one has ever said no.

These 20 seconds of courage have helped me find more good-hearted people and amazing friends and mentors than I could possibly count. Not everyone turns out to be one of those things, but I can tell you with great certainty that everyone I've met this way has been worth knowing. I learn something from every single experience and get that much further outside my little insecure and awkward box.

anniemade // All You Need is 20 Seconds of Courage - How to bring more good-hearted people in your life

So my lunch with my History teacher was a little weird, but in the best way possible. It provided me an opportunity to grow and know her in a new way. It also allowed me to reflect on who I used to be and the person I'm becoming now.

As some background, my mom passed away while I was in her class and she was there for me in more ways than I could possibly imagine, as both a teacher and a friend. Knowing her now as an adult and someone who has also experienced great loss, I find myself being a good friend to her too and perhaps a mentor, in my own way. And that's the funny thing, spending time with good-hearted people - in turn - helps you become more like them. And then there's nothing like paying it forward: being able to inspire and grow someone who needs it just as you do.

And now, I find myself with such tremendous gratitude to people like her and all who have opened their heart, their mind, or even just a few words of advice to me along this journey of life. So thank you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for liking my new business, Greatest Story last week. Thank you to the people I've randomly cold emailed who have become friends, supporters, and good coffee conversation. Thank you for those who've been there from the beginning and those who continue to send their love after chapters have ended.

And thank you for your heart. It has truly changed mine and I feel more alive than ever.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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