DIY New Year's Eve Nail Art - anniemade for Ruffled

One more DIY before 2013 is over and it's a fun one - DIY Nail Art perfect for New Year's Eve! In collaboration with Ruffled, I've created an easy DIY project to add 2014 (or any other letters or numbers) to your nails for a fun, inexpensive typographic manicure.

This project is great for New Year's parties but there is no limit to how you could customize it, especially for parties and weddings. For graduation day, do your graduation year spelled out. For valentines, do your initial and sweetheart's initial with an ampersand in between. And for weddings in particular, you could spell out your wedding date or your new married monogram. You could even get your bridesmaids in on the action and do some typographic manicures before the wedding.

Head over to Ruffled today for FREE 2014 and "Love" templates (like below) for your nails with the full step-by-step instructions.

This DIY also marks a fun milestone - the first time I photographed someone other than myself or Gus. My cousin Hannah agreed to be my lovely hand model and project assistant, so a special shoutout and thanks to her for being awesome.

Cheers Hannah!

anniemade for Ruffled // DIY 2014 Typographic Nail Art - Tutorial and Free Templates!