Looking Back: One Year Later from Making Things Happen

anniemade // Reflecting on one year since Making Things Happen

This week, a year ago, I had made kind of a crazy decision. With three weeks notice, I dropped everything and went to the Making Things Happen Conference in Chapel Hill, NC. I'm not sure I even knew exactly what the conference was, other than some people whose blogs I follow were speaking there and it had something to do with branding/goal-setting.

I've had a lot of amazing milestones to mark in the past year or two and this is certainly one of them. But since it has been a full year, I've been reflecting on how much that moment in time and the week I spent in NC really changed me. Obviously, the conference was great and I made a ton of great friends, business connections, and got some great clarity. But I've been thinking more about how I've changed over the past 12 months, with that week being just one marker in the journey.

I never would have thought then, while I was still living in LA, that today I'd be here in NC, working fulltime for myself and managing the stream of amazing clients that have come my way since I took that leap in late January.

I love the quote at the top of this post -A year from now you will wish you had started today - Karen Lamb.It really speaks to the deep gratitude I have for just "doing" - for putting myself out there and being brutally honest with myself really beginning in March of last year. All the things I started then and have since have not all succeeded, but they have all taught me something.

So what is the thing that you could start? What do you want to look back on in March 2015? Throw one pebble in that bucket and take one step forward in making it happen. From my own experience, I think you'll be really happy you did.