DIY Video: How to invite your Groomsmen

Some of you may have read my post on how I invited my honorary bridesmaids to be a part of our June 2012 wedding. There are a lot of articles online right now about creative ways to ask your bridesmaids, but I've noticed there aren't a lot of tips about groomsmen. We wanted to be creative in asking our awesome guys too so we decided to craft the below video. With a couple of sheets of computer paper, the perfect classical song, and a little iMovie magic, we filmed a short, irreverent ask as the base clip.

We then created individual files for each of Gus's groomsmen, using a title card with their name to begin the video. We posted them to YouTube and sent the individual links to each friend for them to open and reply. I really was hoping for some even more ridiculous video replies back but it seems our friends are not as crazy as we are. At least in terms of their desire to edit videos solely for our enjoyment.

Without further adieu, enjoy!

Feel free to leverage the idea for your own wedding- and please let us know if you do! And yes, yes that is me filming and handing Gus the cards at the same time. I'm pretty multi-talented.

Have you ever heard of interesting ways of asking someone to be a groomsman? Share your thoughts below!