Do More of What Fires You Up: Making Things Happen

Making Things Happen

Life has a funny way of making plans for you. About 9 months ago, I was a Southern Bride marrying the greatest guy ever. 5 months ago, I was figuring out WordPress and coding and things that still make my head spin in starting this blog and shop. And now, I find myself discovering yet another unknown adventure: Making Things Happen.

This 2-day workshop in Chapel Hill, NC is run by the marvelous Lara Casey of Southern Weddings Magazine, the amazing designer Emily Ley, & photographer Gina Zeidler (whom I haven't met yet but must obviously have a great adjective in front her name too). It's geared at goal-setting and empowerment & personal and professional branding.

Though I've long followed Lara and Emily online, I never quite imagined I'd attend Making Things Happen. But like I said, life has a funny way of making things happen for you- if you listen and you take that road less traveled. So, in the spirit of "Don't wait until you know who you are to get started," next week I'll be in Chapel Hill, NC excited to focus on setting some big goals, pursuing passions, and hey... eating Southern food. And it's pretty awesome that all my family is nearby too.

I'm not sure exactly what's in store but I'm excited to share this experience with you when I get back. In the meantime, definitely check out Making Things Happen's blog- it's chockful of great advice including Lara's insightful quote below.

Lara Casey - Do More of What Fires You Up