Why Our Wedding Cakes Were Muppets

anniemade // Muppetized Bride and Groom Wedding Cakes I've often said that our wedding was so much about telling our story and not having a theme (like our invitations for example). If there was a theme though.. I'd say the Muppets play a pretty prominent role.

The epic cakes (and cupcakes) you see above were whipped up by the awesome culinary genius - Cinda - of Cinda's Creative Cakes in North Carolina. Though they may seem a bit random, we loved the idea of these cakes for a few reasons- all of which had to do with being uniquely us. And though we love all kinds of desserts (and we served an assortment of other great choices at our wedding), we jumped at the chance to have a wedding cake that really spoke to who we are.

No matter what you choose for a wedding dessert or how you decorate it, like anything else, I believe your wedding is one of those great opportunities in life to tell your own unique story. Here's how these cakes relate to ours...

Firstly - check this sweetness out:

anniemade // Muppetized Bride and Groom Wedding Cakes

The resemblance is staggering right? I mean, kind of photo real. The photo above was self-taken on the way to our Rehearsal Dinner, one of the most Muppet-y moments of our lives.

On top of this -

  • You may notice a silver Batman symbol pin on Muppet Gus's shirt. This is no accident. Gus is a die-hard fan of the Bat but I knew he was hooked when he told me he loved me more than Batman. 
  • On the Batman theme, you'll also notice that there are cupcakes on the table in the big photo that have the Batman symbol. So there are Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Batman cupcake. Warner Brothers and Disney might not be happy we were mixing brands (and I wasn't either at first), but they are the perfect visual representation of two of our most beloved franchises and they were all tasty. In fact, another way to tell Gus's story - the gluten-free cupcakes were the Batman ones.
  • On the gluten-free note - Gus's cake was gluten-free (vanilla with lemon raspberry buttercream) and mine was regular (chocolate oreo, nom).
  • Lastly, though all the elegant wedding cakes in the world are inspiring, neither one of us could turn down the once in a lifetime opportunity to see ourselves made into Muppets. I think the only thing more awesome was realizing that we already resemble them in real life.

And on that note, I'll leave you and just say embrace your inner Muppet (or whatever amazing things you love and identify with) and find ways to incorporate them into life's celebrations. The world doesn't need another vanilla sheet cake - it needs your personality plus frosting.


Thanks to Brett & Jessica Photography for the ever-amazing imagery. Double thanks and Muppet-bow to Cinda of Cinda's Creative Cakes for her delicious culinary masterpieces. At our wedding, we barely got to eat our cakes (Gus didn't even get a slice of his! Bummer!) but their epicness lives on in our hearts - if not in our tummies.

anniemade // Muppetized Bride and Groom Wedding Cakes