DIY Word Search Tea Towels - anniemade for Ruffled

Yay! Another day to feature a wonderful new collaboration with Ruffled Wedding Blog: DIY Word Search Tea Towels!

This project will show you how you can easily and fairly inexpensively create custom wedding word search tea towels - a unique and memorable gift for newlyweds or the newly-engaged. These towels can then be used as fabric wrapping for related gifts like a newlywed cookbook, a great cooking wine, and even a wooden spoon.

Having the word search allows you to use a red fabric pen to circle words you find important to the gift or to your message. You'll find "Congratulations," "I Do" and more in the iron-on template. You could easily adapt this DIY for a birthday party, a retirement party, or other special events just by generating your own word search customized to the recipient.

Head on over to Ruffled for the fun and the step-by-step instructions, including photos of how to wrap and tie a book with the towel. It's a pretty nifty skill to develop, if I do say so myself.