Before and After: Our Master Bedroom

anniemade | How we transformed our master bedroom with a little bit of love and a whole lotta Lowe's.

It's been a very busy few months in the Franceschi household. Since we bought our first house in December and moved in at the end of January, we've been juggling house projects along with daily life, school (for Gus), and work on the business for me. 

Today, I'm happy to share with you some of the progress we've made in making our house into our home - a before and after of our master bedroom!

When we first bought our house - we had a very blank, very awkwardly yellow-brown canvas - as you see here below.

anniemade | Our Master Bedroom - Before/Blank Canvas

It has great bones - with a beautiful dark wood-esque ceiling fan and a vaulted ceiling. But y'all, that color had to go. And unfortunately, that color was on every.single.wall in our new home.

Was. After 9 months of painting on our weekends and evenings, every bit of this yellow has been vanquished and replaced by Pottery Barn-style colors courtesy of Lowe's.

Ready for how it came together with new paint, our furniture, and of course... love?! Here you go - our master bedroom, when the bed is actually made...

A few of the details you see here are my parents' formerly-yellow dresser we DIY'ed, our framed Ketubah (wedding contract) and wedding photo, my mom's green china bowl that I keep my rings in, and a display of our once-a-year-number wedding anniversary photos (we're officially 3 this year!).

We still have a bit more progress to make in this room (namely actually hanging photos and putting up curtains and a curtain rod) but for now, I do love opening the blinds and enjoying the fall sunlight when I wake up. 

I wish I could say my bedroom looked this beautiful everyday - but I'm totally human, like you. So I'll just be grateful it has the potential to look like this when we remember to make the bed and straighten up - not to mention have a dear friend photograph it. Thanks Faith Teasley.

This isn't the only room we've totally transformed. More to come here, and til then, my best wishes for a beautiful, sunny, leaf-falling fall!


Paint Brand + Color: Lowe's Olympic, Cold Steel, Eggshell
Bed, Nightstand + Dresser: Legacy Furniture
Duvet and Pillow: Pottery Barn
Floor Lamp: Target
Dresser: DIY
Lantern: Pottery Barn
Frames: Michael's
Table Lamp + Shade: Lowe's

Featured After Photography | Faith Teasley