The 3rd Annual Barbara Day

Ten years after my mom passed away, I started a holiday of sorts in her honor: "Barbara Day." I celebrate "Barbara Day" every year on her birthday, August 17. It's been amazing for me to see that since I started this back in 2013, so many people in my life or people who knew her, have joined in that celebration and made new memories in remembrance of her.

This Monday, August 17 marks the 3rd Annual Barbara Day. And this year, I am going to do an act of kindness and generosity - qualities that remind me of her.

So, this Monday, I've got 25 blank notecards and the same elegant writer calligraphy pens she used at the ready. With love for her, I'm going to use the talents I learned from her to do something nice for others!

So I'm going to personalize a notecard for you - with your name written in handwriting just like hers!

I'll write the name of anyone who asks me to in the comments of my Monday post on Instagram and personal Facebook page, until I run out of notecards. I'll even mail you the card if you leave me your address!

For me, using her handwriting to bring joy to someone seems like the perfect way to celebrate her this year. If you knew my mom and are planning something to do, please let me know. I always love to hear stories like this one.

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