Our First House: The Blank Canvas!

As part of #bigstoryweek that I've been hosting on my business's Facebook page (Greatest Story), I'm excited to share this personal update with you - a look inside our new home! This is the blank canvas we started with. We've been hard at work completely repainting every wall (and closet!) and doing lots of other creative projects. I look forward to sharing those but today is square one- here's our little blank canvas.

Those of you may remember, here's our goofy faces in front of our home...


Allow me to take you on a walk-through!

When you first walk in our black front door, you turn to the left and see THIS! My first ever official office space.

anniemade Left Office Space

Here's the other side of the room, showing the big window I have that brings a ton of natural light for my work, photography, and various crafty projects.


As you continue into the downstairs, there's a great room with our kitchen, dining, and living area. Here's how that looked on day one.


When you head up our staircase, you'll find a laundry closet (so exciting!). These were the previous homeowners washer/dryer and removing them actually caused a leak in our downstairs ceiling a week before we closed! Eeek. Glad they're gone-zo.


Once you're upstairs, our master bedroom and bath is to the left. Our master bathroom has some nifty vaulted ceilings but that yellow wall had to go down. I'm looking forward to sharing the serene color we chose instead!


This is our master bath. This globe light's days were numbered from the get-go. But here's where it started.


Upstairs, we also have a guest bath and two guest rooms (each that have an awesome view of the lake in our backyard!).

Here's the guest bath. Similar globe light... contemplating it's future demise.


Here's the right guest room.


And the left one is basically a mirror.

And that's basically it!

Here's a few things we've been up to that I'm excited to share with you this year on the blog.

- Painting the entire house - bye bye yellow walls! - Organizing my office (see instagram.com/greateststorycreative for some sneak peeks) - Getting/upcycling some furniture - Working on setting up a guestroom (just finished priming the right one!) - Swapping in updated light fixtures (all globe lights are super gone-zo) - Some crazy DIY projects, including learning to cut copper pipe!

I look forward to welcoming you into our little blank canvas and seeing it transform. It's been quite the project but it's so nice to finally own a place and not be planning to move for years and years!

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