Reveal - Halloween Costumes 2014

Earth... Fire... Water... Air... Long ago, we fell in love with a TV show known as "Avatar: The Last Airbender" on Nickelodeon. It's the story of a kid named Aang who has the seemingly impossible task of bringing balance to the world as the "Avatar," the only master of all four elements.

Though it's a kids animated show, this series is one of our favorites. Personally, I think that it delivers one of the most satisfying series endings I've ever seen in any medium - tv, books, and movies. To my mind, it's definitely something for all ages that has great characters, an amazing story, and massive staying power.

And so today, for Halloween 2014, I hand-sewed us costumes for Aang and Katara, a waterbender and Aang's "forever girl."


This took total commitment from Gus because Aang is a monk in the show so, like Aang, Gus shaved his head!


Gus's Aang costume is made from a yellow shirt I found at Goodwill, yellow scrub cargo pants, rainbow sandals, brown knee high socks, and custom orange details made with hand-sewing and some stitch witchery (the arm ties, the belt, and the cape). Gus made the cape by sanding and painting a piece of pine we grabbed from Home Depot for $6.

Aang has blue tattoos so we completed Gus's look by using blue face paint to add his arrows to his head and his hands.


For my Katara costume, it's constructed from navy sweatpants, a blue scrub top that I sewed and stitch witched (is that a word?) white detailing, navy fingerless gloves, and a ribbon necklace made with a painted circle to represent Katara's betrothal necklace. The crowning addition were these $5 boots from Goodwill. Massive Goodwill for the win!


Happy Halloween everyone!!