News & Our 2014 Christmas / Hanukkah eCard


It's been a crazy fall. I've been working on a project the past few months that I can finally share today: we bought our first house together!!

The morning we closed on our place, we did a little photo shoot for our Holiday card this year. I'm sharing our Holiday (e)card that I designed today on the blog of my business, Greatest Story  - check it out here.

This has been a dream of ours since we got married in June of 2012 and a goal we've been pursuing through savings, prayer, and perseverance for the past 18 months. Part of the reason for our move from Los Angeles to North Carolina in September 2013 was to move somewhere we could put down roots and buy a home (and afford to do so).

We couldn't have gotten to this place without the love and encouragement of all our friends and family and without everything we've learned about being intentional with our time, talent, and our financial resources. Giving credit where credit is due, I don't think we could have bought this house without all that we've learned from Dave Ramsey and in particular, his book The Total Money Makeover and his daily radio podcasts (free on iTunes, seriously). Following his common sense money principles, we were able to leave LA debt-free and were able to buy our first place with a substantial down payment that set us up for success in the future.

We are so happy to be able to celebrate this over the holidays and be grateful for all that we are blessed with. Gus and I both hope that whatever your goal or dream is right now, that you have all the love, courage, and strength you need to pursue it. And I hope that wherever you are in the journey, valley or peak, that the holidays give you a chance to appreciate the beauty in all of it. Every step of the way is part of the awesome you are headed for.

Happy Holidays!

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