The 5th Annual Barbara Day

5th Annual Barbara Day in memory of Barbara Jean Saunders | Annie Franceschi Blog

My mom, Barbara Saunders, was what she called a "justice seeker." 

In light of recent events, this year's Barbara Day - the annual celebration of her birthday (August 17), I am inviting those who loved and remember my mom to honor her by practicing a bit of justice seeking.

If you would like to honor mom's memory and celebrate Barbara Day with me, I invite you to consider giving to one of the following organizations and causes that I know mom would have passionately supported during this time in our history.

If you do take this step, let me know- I'd love to know a total of who gave in her memory.

And whether or not you give, I hope her memory may encourage you to speak out for those who are marginalized, for people of all orientations, races, and genders. She was a passionate advocate for human rights and I have no doubt, especially as a Jewish person, she would be on the front lines of today's politics - fighting for human decency, kindness and justice.


And when I feel afraid or intimidated to share how I feel and speak up for others, it is your voice I hear... that little voice encouraging me to do the right thing.

And I'm grateful for it. Happy Barbara Day, mom. I love you and I miss you.

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